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Developments in Presidential Race, Trump does Terribly at Forum as Clinton shines

November is lurking around the corner and will be here before you know it, so my question to you is, have you decided who you will vote for? I have, and I proudly say my choice is Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am informing you all that there are ample development in the race for the presidency of the United States...

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Senator Elizabeth Warren Highlights that Trump is a “Racist Bully” and that a Vote for Jill Stein Would Only Help Trump

Senator Elizabeth Warren Highlights that Trump is a "Racist Bully" and that a Vote for Jill Stein Would Only Help Trump

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently, and I must say, very appropriately, called Donald Trump a “racist bully.” She said also that a vote for the Green Party’s presidential nominee, Jill Stein, is essentially a vote for Donald Trump...

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Christine Flowers Appalled by Donald Trump’s Anti-Catholic Rhetoric, This is Not the Only Group He’s Verbally Abused!

Christine Flowers Appalled by Donald Trump's Anti-Catholic Rhetoric, This is Not the Only Group He's Verbally Abused!

I will make the case that it cannot, in any way, be denied that Donald Trump is a controversial and rough figure in today’s political arena. While I am neither politically inclined (except that I know I am voting for Hillary), nor do I dabble in politics, Donald Trump haunts me and plagues Americans...

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The Hillary 2016 App To Support The Current First Democratic Nominee To Win The Election

        The Hillary 2016 app created by Hillary for America is designed to help recently nominated official democratic nominee Hillary Clinton win the 2016 Presidential nomination.   The app is designed with special features to help all Clinton supporters do small everyday tasks to help her win …

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Honor Killings are Never Justifiable, Not Ever or Anywhere!

I have decided to shed some light on some insights about honor killings, amidst one that occurred in my parents’ home country, Pakistan, yesterday. An upcoming supermodel by the name of Qandeel Baloch was killed by her brother in Multan, Paksitan while her parents were in their bedroom, asleep. The …

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Turkish Military Attempts to Overthrow President

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan insisted to the nation Saturday that his government is in charge following a coup attempt brought a night of explosions, air battles, gunfire and unrest across the capital and left at least 90 dead, 1,154 people wounded and more than 1,000 military personnel detained. In …

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At Least 80 Dead After Attack in Nice France

At least 80 people are dead and dozens injured as a result of a truck driver plowing through a crowd that had gathered to watch a Bastille Day fireworks show in Nice France. The driver’s actions were apparently intentional and are being called “a terrorist attack” by French President François Hollande. …

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