Bruce Tells Kris Jenner ''I Still Love You, Baby''

Bruce Tells Kris Jenner ”I Still Love You, Baby”

Subsequent to breaking the news to his youngsters and step-little girls, Bruce Jenner talked about his adventure with the lady his move influences the most on Monday’s Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The Olympian met with ex Kris Jenner amid the second part of E’s! About Bruce Special, and the couple got angry, cried and finally embraced after the intense conversation.

“You’re an astonishing lady. We’ve had such a variety of incredible moment together, 23 going on 25 years of awesome moments together,” Bruce, 65, started. “Despite everything they live inside me. Regardless they’re a piece of me. I would prefer not to let go. Yet, I’ve got a battle in my life. … In such a large number of ways, I’ve carried on with my whole life fleeing from me and who I am.”

Bruce Tells Kris Jenner ''I Still Love You, Baby''

Kris, 59, answered that she felt “confounded,” saying she didn’t know the degree of Bruce’s plans when they first split up in October 2013 and that he brought out his dissatisfactions with his character on her.

“I think you shut me out a long time ago. You were angry, which made me angry,” she said.

“You know you treated me severely those last four, five years of our marriage,” Bruce shot back.

“No, you were simply, exceptionally angry to the point where we simply needed to separate and after that get divorced,” she answered sorrowfully. “You never said this would be the final result, ever.”

Kris clarified that she knew Bruce cross-dressed when he “got that inclination” yet that he never informed her concerning his hormone medications. Her primary dissatisfaction, she said, was that he wasn’t fair amid their marriage.

Bruce apologized for not being more open with Kris and for harming her, and Kris began sobbing harder.

“I simply miss Bruce. What’s more, that is going to take me a moment to grieve that relationship,” she said. “You believe you’re going to grow old with someone, and they radically change throughout the span of only a couple of years.

“All I have truly is my memories. I take a look at pictures of you and the children, and I’m truly miserable on the grounds that I feel like you died. You know, Bruce died. What’s more, its truly hard for me to wrap my head around.”

“Despite everything I Love you, baby,” Bruce told her tenderly. “Is there anything I can do to make it better for you?”

Kris asked him to “simply carry on with the happiest life you can live.”

“That is all I think about,” she said. “Furthermore, that you can discover the peace you’ve been searching for so long.”

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