Brussels Attacks: Identity of 2 Suicide Bombers Confirmed

Brussels Attacks: Identity of 2 Suicide Bombers Confirmed

The identities of two the men suspected of enacting the recent attack on Brussels have been confirmed. According to the Belgian federal prosecutor, Frédéric van Leeuw, a 29-year old man by the name of Ibrahim el-Bakraoui was responsible for one of two explosions at Zaventem international airport.

It is estimated the bomb he detonated was responsible for the deaths of 11 and the injury of 90. His younger brother, Khalid el-Bakraoui, was responsible for the third explosion an hour later at Maelbeek metro station.

Only one of the suspects believed to still be alive has been identified as Najim Laachraoui. He is currently on the run. Initial reports that he had been arrested were withdrawn as the man arrested was found to be someone else. Two other suspects, one seen on security cameras in the airport wearing a hat and a white coat and the other wearing black, have yet to be identified. The man in the white coat was believed to be carrying a bomb that was later found unexploded at the airport.

“The third man is on the run; he left his bag with the biggest bomb in it which exploded later because it was so unstable,” said Leeuw.

“This third person remains unidentified and is still being looked for,” he added.

Leeuw also said that Ibrahim El Bakraoui left something resembling a will in a trash can at the airport. It was a rushed note that read “I don’t know what to do, hunted everywhere, no longer safe” and “I don’t want to end up in a cell next to him.”

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