Bryan Adams Vintage Guitar Defaced by Egyptian Customs Officials

Bryan Adams Vintage Guitar Defaced by Egyptian Customs Officials

It’s hard to say whether Bryan Adams’ guitar gently weeps. But the rocker is none too happy with Egyptian customs officials whom he accused of scribbling on his vintage six-string this week.

A Facebook post shows the green marker they used.

“Airport customs graffiti on my 1946 Martin D-18 from Egypt,” Adams said.

Other social media photos show the Grammy winner performing near the Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza.

Adams also managed to snap a selfie with the ancient sculpture.

It doesn’t look like Adams, who scored hits with “The Summer of ’69” and “Please Forgive Me,” will be holding a grudge.

“Thank you for writing about the guitar, I really appreciate it, it will be fixed no problem,” Adams said to his Egyptian fans on Facebook.

“The incident of defacing our instruments at airport customs is annoying, but it needed to be said,” the singer said. “Much love to you all and look forward to bringing my family to visit you one day soon. … Next time no green markers please!”

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