Can Apps Aid Our Everyday Lives?

How can apps aid our everyday lives?

Apps can aid us in our everyday lives. Like planners, work out apps, and mobile news. They can help by giving us daily reminders to do certain tasks and to finish work and or projects.




What Types of People Use Apps in Their Lives?

Adults and teens use sotware to track their social interaction and their personal lives in one place. This is because they trust apps more than they trust their memory. Apps are reliable because of the notifications; however, sometimes apps have bugs and technical difficulties during important moments.

Business people use apps to keep track of plane tickets, bidding, job interviews, and communicating with their business. Teenagers use social media software to keep track of their friends, family, and other news that is going on. Adults use technology to keep track of their children, tutoring, babysitters, and home security.


Are Apps Really That Reliable?

Apps are not reliable at all, but people insist on using them. People don’t understand exactly how the apps are developed and how they work. Sometimes the software crash in the middle of using them and sometimes they don’t work at all. Its all consumers wanting to earn money off of business owners. Some are determined to argue that this type of software is reliable.


How Can We Stop Using Them?

We can stop using apps by getting a planner and writing it down. We can write in our planners to remind us to do certain tasks. We can work on this by practicing every day on checking our planner and doing our to do list. When we stop using this kind of technology it works better and for our lives on reminded us what to do without the hassle of going through apps.


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