Carnival Flies Passengers Home after Fire on Liberty

Carnival Flies Passengers Home after Fire on Liberty

I am sure we have all heard recently of the cruises around the world that went awry. Well, here’s another one by the name of Carnival Liberty. The ship caught fire and countless passengers were abruptly flown home as the ship went ablaze while docked in the Caribbean. The ship caught fire while in St. Thomas and will no longer continue into its journey through more of the islands, such as St. Maarten and Barbados.

According to USA Today, following this incident, Carnival did tell the passengers they will receive 50 percent off in the future and a refund for the present cruise. They also received 150 dollars in credit on their shipboard accounts. Although no one was hurt, it is unascertained whether the ship itself was damaged anywhere in any way.

Carnival reported many amenities and facilities, such as air conditioning and toilets, on the ship stayed functional and it even accommodated passengers with a shuttle to transport them around the island. As I mentioned before, this is not the first incident for a cruise ship. It is certainly not!

The ship, which was traveling from San Juan, Puerto Rico, had ample passengers on board and was headed to more islands in the Caribbean. The cruise began Sunday and so this was indeed a short trip for the passengers.

Do we all remember the ship that lost its functioning water supply and smelled like sewage. I think once on a ship is enough for me! Maybe it is worth giving a thought to it now before making the decision to sail, of course keeping in mind this does not always happen.

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