Celebrating 30 Years of The Color Purple

Whoopi Goldberg’s debut film was The Color Purple in 1985. The film was a period drama film directed by Steven Speilberg,  and it was an adaptation of the novel by Alice Walker of the same name. Oprah Winfrey also made her film debut in this film. The Color Purple received reviews in its favor upon its release, such as receiving an 88 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The film also received four stars from late film critic, Roger Ebert. He was impressed by her performance profoundly as he even predicted which awards she would then win. She was nominated indeed for this award predicted, which was the Academy Award for Best Actress, but she did not end up winning the award. According to the article by Lisa Respers France at CNN.com, the film even received 11 nominations in the Academy Awards. Let us not forget the novel also won a Pultizer Prize.

Goldberg is now on “The View,” and has been for almost a decade now.  Along with Goldberg, Winfrey was nominated for an award for which she was acknowledged as Best Supporting Actress. The movie, now about thirty years old, made a remarkable and fierce stance as one of the most celebrated gems of pop culture that rose the two actresses to stardom when they were not quite there yet.

Winfrey has actually expressed her gratitude and the desire she had to play a role in this film before she got the opportunity. In a quote she expresses that she wanted it so badly and had asked God for it too. Winfrey is now producing the Broadway version, according to Lisa Respers France at CNN.com.


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