Chael Sonnen's Newborn Daughter Dies After Contracting Listeria Infection

Chael Sonnen’s Newborn Daughter Dies After Contracting Listeria Infection

This is heartbreaking. After being born 10 weeks prematurely, the infant daughter of Chael Sonnen passed away at only four days old.

Blauna Dian Sonnen was born prematurely on August 12 in Portland, Oregon after her mother, Chael Sonnen‘s wife Brittany, contracted listeria. Sadly the infection was passed onto the baby girl, and after only four days of life Blauna died in the hospital. So sad.

Chael,  and Brittany are unsure how she contracted the disease, and the family has hired a lawyer to investigate if she somehow consumed contaminated food while pregnant, reports MMA Fighting. The report also revealed that the law firm has already reached out to the CDC and the FDA on behalf of the family in hopes of furthering the investigation into how Brittany could have gotten listeria. It will be a tough road for Chael and Brittany from here on out, but hopefully they are able to find out how this devastating tragedy occurred.

The couple married in 2013 and have a toddler son, Thero, who was born on June 4, 2015 and recently turned one. Although Brittany’s Instagram is private, her account reveals that she and Chael knew they were expecting a baby girl as her profile reads, “Baby Girl Sonnen.” Her Twitter profile also shows how excited she was to have a daughter, as it reads, “Mommy to Thero & soon to be princess.”

Both Chael and Brittany have been silent on social media since their little Blauna was born, and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an official statement from the family about her tragic passing. However, many of Chael’s friends in the MMA community have been extending their condolences to the family on Twitter, confirming the heartbreaking news.

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