Chanel Parks Never Expected to Fit into the Fashion World

Chanel Parks Never Expected to Fit into the Fashion World

Fashion features ample things and ideals. It challenges and incites ontological and philosophical questions. It encourages insightful thinking and inquisitive pondering. It is easily a very cyclical phenomenon and so enigmatic, as it is composed of binary elements, such as inclusive versus exclusive, skinny or slender versus plus-sized, subtle or simple versus extravagant and showy, minimal versus baroque, and mainstreams versus hipster.

Fashion is not only an expansive, multidimensional field of aesthetics and artistic beauty blended with social and cultural and philosophical elements, but it serves social, psychological, and cultural functions, like iconisation through models, photography, and themes and consumerism through branding and commodification. It establishes and reinforces codes and stylistic conventions.

According to Mauss and Bordieu, “how we clothe the body” is an active process or a technical means to create or represent a bodily self. The body is naturally trained to inhibit and internalize postures, movement, and gestures. Bodies are worn through technologies of movement, gesture, projection, and restraint.

You can have personified fashion. You can find yourself through it, no matter what you image is. Chanel Park, who never expected to fit into her fashion world’s realms, reflects she did not fit the image. She, however, is in the fashion world and she finds depth and diversity in it.

Models like Marquita Ping, Sabina Karlsson, and Georgia Pratt, walked on the runway that featured a notable amount of plus-size models, according to Parks. She reflected that gender identity has been played with but that racial and cultural identity and diversity was more prominent and dealt with this year at New York Fashion Week.

Seeing fashion is everywhere; it is unavoidable. Relating to it is made easier by diversity, depth, and breadth and meaning becomes more evident.

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