Chelsea Handler on Justin Bieber: He was her Worst Guest, Here is Why

Did Chelsea Handler really admit to her opinion that Justin Bieber was her worst guest? Well, this is what she said. Because of Bieber’s considerably flirtatious behavior, the talk show host mentioned that the pop star made her feel like a “child molester” in an interview with Variety, according to Todd Leopold at


She is known to be okay with many things, but not Bieber and his playful antics that she even said “took things too far.” Bieber is 21 years of age as of now, and Handler is 40. At that time Bieber was 15 reportedly, so in that case I would guess Handler was about 34. The pop star definitely left a unique mark on her, being singled out.


Handler even said she think Justin Bieber probably does that with everybody, but she is definitely one person who did not seem to be very fond of this antic of his. She certainly revealed her immediate discomfort at the thought of reminiscing of her interview with Bieber and even said it’s his “schtick” in the interview with Variety. She said he made her feel a way that she did not want to feel. Now that sounds like a cheesy romantic song lyric to me, but of course it means that he made her uncomfortable, to say the least.


The pop star is often criticized and picked on because of how people commonly think of him. Often I hear “he is conceited,” or “he is into himself.” Handler, according to the article by Todd Leopold, cannot even handle that much Bieber. That is also something I hear a lot, that people cannot stand Justin Bieber; then again I know people that absolutely adore him and sometimes even everything about him!

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