Chinx Drugs Murder Suspects Arrested

Chinx Drugs Murder Suspects Arrested

Rapper Chinx Drugs was killed yesterday morning professedly over his auto. Sources say a few men endeavored to ransack Chinx & friend, and when they declined to surrender the auto the suspects shot at them more than 17 times. Chinx hit in the middle region, and his companion shot in the back. The Friend is as yet battling for his life. Members of the New York elite swat team went into a house on 2436 Beach Channel Drive on Sunday evening, taking three men into guardianship allegedly regarding the homicide. As indicated by the autopsy  report, Chinx was shot three times in the right hip, Once in left hip, Twice in waist, Once in right-side mid-region, Once in the mid-guts, Once in mid-back, Three times in left side back, Once in left shoulder bone, Once in right thigh and Once in right cheek.

Chinx Drugs Murder Suspects ArrestedChinx Drugs Murder Suspects Arrested


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