Chris Brown Allegedly Threatened a Woman With a Gun; Cops Obtain Weapons, Drugs Outside His Home

Chris Brown Allegedly Threatened a Woman With a Gun; Cops Obtain Weapons, Drugs Outside His Home

Los Angeles police reportedly obtained a gun, several other weapons and undisclosed drugs from singer Chris Brown’s home on Tuesday while waiting outside during a lengthy standoff.

Authorities picked up a duffel bag containing the items after the troubled R&B artist tossed it out of the window of his Tarzana home, hours after a woman accused him of pulling a gun on her, TMZ reports.

Cops have been fixated outside the “Run It” artist’s residence since the early hours of morning, with an L.A. police source telling the Daily News they’re investigating the woman’s claims that he threatened her with the weapon early Tuesday.

“It’s an assault with a deadly weapon (investigation),” the source in the LAPD’s West Valley division said.


Police have been knocking on his door in hopes of determining whether a weapon like the one the women described is inside, TMZ reports.

Brown was reportedly asleep when cops arrived but has since awoken to aggressively maintain his innocence in a series of fuming, profanity-laced Instagram videos.

“I ain’t did s–t, I ain’t gonna do s–t, and it’s always going to be f–k the police,” the heated artist declared to the camera inside his home. “Black lives matter.”

“Y’all are gonna stop playing me like I’m the villain out here, like I’m going crazy. I’m not,” he continued. “When you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you can walk right up in here, and you’re going to see nothing, you idiots.”

The alleged incident occurred during the early morning while Brown and several friends, including rapper Ray J, were hanging out inside his home, according to TMZ.

A view of the rapper's home in Tarzana.  (MARK KREUSCH / SPLASH NEWS)
A view of the rapper’s home in Tarzana. (MARK KREUSCH / SPLASH NEWS)


Several uninvited guests reportedly arrived at the residence with another man who had been invited to come over, prompting someone inside the home to ask the unwelcome attendees to leave.

One of the women who was told to depart the location later filed the police report, accusing Brown of threatening her with the gun, TMZ reports.

Ray J later tried to leave but was promptly cuffed by law enforcement officials at the end of the driveway, and his BMW was seized, according to the report.

Brown claimed in his Instagram rants that police were standing outside the gate and that helicopters had also flown over the scene.

“I’m tired of f—king dealing with yall,” Brown said in one vide. “Y’all the worst gang in the world – the police. And I said it. F–k you.”

A source within the LAPD told the Daily News earlier Tuesday that they were coming up with a search warrent.

“Our detectives are right now writing a search warrant and possibly an arrest warrant,” the source said.

 Recording artist Ray J was handcuffed outside rapper Chris Brown's home Tuesday. (ALBERTO E. RODRIGUEZ/GETTY IMAGES)
Recording artist Ray J was handcuffed outside rapper Chris Brown’s home Tuesday. (ALBERTO E. RODRIGUEZ/GETTY IMAGES)


Officers responded to the call in the predawn hours of Tuesday morning after Brown and the unidentified woman had some type of “disagreement,” the source said.

The woman called 911, according to, which first reported the incident.

Brown, 27, has been in trouble before but seemed to be on a new track after becoming a dad to his toddler daughter Royalty.

The “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer has a prior felony for beating up former girlfriend Rihanna in a rented Lamborghini in 2009.

He ended his probation in that case last year after completing 1,000 hours of community service.

Brown initially struggled with the probation and was booted from court-ordered anger management after hitting a man in 2013

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