Chris Brown Catches Naked Gatecrasher in Bed

Chris Brown Catches Naked Gatecrasher in Bed

The performer has been in Las Vegas throughout the previous couple of days celebrating his 26th birthday, which was on May 5.

At the same time, after returning home to his home in Agoura Hills, California, the previous evening TMZ reports Chris was met with a stun when finding a young woman with no garments on in his bed.

The outlet asserts the star and his security group touched base at the house around 9pm and discovered a heap of ladies’ dress in the hall, before detecting the words ‘I Adore YOU’ splash painted on his kitchen counter.

After further investigation Chris discovered the offender in his room and obviously called the police, who escorted her to the station in binds. The 21-year-old is said to have been occupied for crime thievery and lawful offense vandalism, with TMZ including that she additionally splash painted ‘MRS. BROWN’ on the side of his black Range Rover and vandalized his silver Rolls Royce.

It’s idea she had been in the property for some time before Chris returned as police discovered filthy dishes in the sink and tossed sustenance.

Chris Brown Catches Naked Gatecrasher in Bed

This occurrence comes after Chris was on the opposite side of the law taking after allegations he had struck a man at the Palms Club Resort in Sin City amid his visit. The case emerged before his birthday, asserting he had punched a man taking after a contention in the early hours of Monday morning.

However TMZ has subsequent to reported the case has been dropped, with the informer choosing he would not like to seek after his reason.

To add to this, Chris has just barely as of late finished probation taking after his strike on ex Rihanna in 2009, for which he was sentenced to five years’ probation, abusive behavior at home advising and community labor.

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