Chris Brown Investigated for Battery After Basketball Fight

We know you’re stunned, yet don’t stress – the father of Sovereignty hasn’t been captured yet, yet he is under scrutiny for battery taking after a fight that occurred on the Basketball court of Chris’ Palms Casino hotel suite.

Yes, Chris Brown gets captured for different dickish offenses consistently yet is still sufficiently fruitful to manage the cost of a lodging suite with a ball court inside. This is the world we live in.

At any rate, cops accept Chris was getting it done at 3:42 am the point at which he popped one of his adversaries in the face.

He can now either sign a reference for misdeed battery and appear for a court hearing, or bring his chances with the DA, who will choose whether to squeeze charges after the examination is finished.


Brown’s had far an excess of run-ins with the law for us to show every one of them here, so we’ll simply impart some late highlights:

  • Brown’s probation was repudiated in January because of an “example of counterproductive decisions.” (Yes, he’s still on post trial supervision for severely beating Rihanna in 2009. That’ll happen when you don’t meet any of the court’s requests.)
  • This went ahead the heels of Brown being imprisoned for 22 days in the wake of being kicked out of a court-requested recovery program.
  • What’s more, obviously, Suge Knight was given at a gathering facilitated by Chris a year ago, and that is only one of a few times that Breezy has been in the vicinity of gunplay in the later past.

The majority of this, and it could be punching a fellow amid a basketball game that lands Brown in jail. Kinda like nailing Al Capone for tax avoidance.

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