Chris Brown's Baby Mama Demands More Monthly Child Support

Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Demands More Monthly Child Support

Hollywood Life said that despite happy birthday pictures taken during Royaltys’ birthday on May 27, Nia and Brown are not in good terms as the hiphop artist is rumored to have stopped paying the agreed $2500 monthly support for his daughter.

Royalty’s mom, on the other hand, demands higher support amounting to $15K from the rapper every month. Nia has also asked the help from her lawyer, Carl Moore to facilitate the legal process of demanding Brown what he had owed.

Earlier, Brown’s lawyer defended him saying that the hitmaker could refuse paying child support and not being caught in the law.

“The only way Chris could be required to pay child support is if his name is on the birth certificate,” the lawyer told the source.

TMZ has it that the Kiss Kiss singer has not contributed a cent to Royalty’s birthday party and it was King Ba, Nia Guzman’s boyfriend and the baby’s birth father in her birth certificate, who shouldered the cost for her birthday expenses.

Brown’s reps also said that the rapper was also busy filming a new music video with Pitbull in Miami.

Meanwhile, Nia Guzman is getting sensitive and trying to protect Royalty from Karrueche Tran who is willing to shower the baby with luxurious gifts, Inquisitr reports.

That would be a problem for Nia. Small gifts here and there and on special occasions are cute, but Karrueche would be out of line if she were buying Royalty a lot of expensive things like clothes and toys on a regular basis. That’s Nia’s job, not Karrueche’s!” a source said.


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