Christine Flowers Appalled by Donald Trump's Anti-Catholic Rhetoric, This is Not the Only Group He's Verbally Abused!

Christine Flowers Appalled by Donald Trump’s Anti-Catholic Rhetoric, This is Not the Only Group He’s Verbally Abused!

I will make the case that it cannot, in any way, be denied that Donald Trump is a controversial and rough figure in today’s political arena. While I am neither politically inclined (except that I know I am voting for Hillary), nor do I dabble in politics, Donald Trump haunts me and plagues Americans.

The frightening possibility of him being our next president is appalling and should not even be a possibility to start with.

Immigration lawyer Christine M. Flowers had quite a reaction to Donald Trump’s latest anti-Catholic comments. By the way, stop to think, when will Donald Trump stop being such a monster? The atrociously dishonorable and offensive comments required defense.

I believe that all of the people trying to defend Trump are perpetuating his mean-spirited words and rhetoric.

Of course, we all know this is not the only faith Trump has attacked. He has brutally verbally attacked the Islamic religion in so many ways upon so many bases. He wants to ban Muslims from the country, and he attacked a woman who was a mother of a fallen soldier, saying the grieving mother was not allowed to speak when her husband spoke, at Hillary Clinton’s democratic convention. Trump ignorantly abuses these faiths and others racial and ethnic groups with no concrete evidence.

Trump is also not toning down his clueless, unruly, and simply unkind ideas and plans. Although, according to Joe Garofoli of the San Fransisco Chronicle, Trump says he has “softened” his immigration plan, the truth is he has not. Now we seek answers, more specifically, how does Trump plan to deal with immigration? He is so vague on this subject, that according to Maeve Reston, it seems ‘deliberate.’ Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Mike Pence, says reportedly, “nothing has changed.” Trump even separated the Mexicans from each other, saying along with building his wall, he will later let the “good ones” back in, according to Reston’s article. I am disgusted and speechless, Trump, how can you be so derogatory? That is all I have to say (well not really), but I will stop there!

To put this aside and contrast it with Hillary Clinton, I would say she is a kind-hearted, fair woman. She has plans, unlike Trump, and cares for us all, not for herself like Trump only cares for himself. She believes in the foundational equality that unites us and that Trump wants to diminish.

Unsecure is not a word, Mr. Trump. And no, you cannot fix it, stop claiming you are “the only one” who can fix it!

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