College Station, Texas: DEA's Daughter Arrested for Drug Trafficking

College Station, Texas: DEA’s Daughter Arrested for Drug Trafficking

COLLEGE STATION – We’re learning more about a 19-year-old Blinn College student who was evicted from her College Station apartment after police found large amounts of drugs there.

Her story went viral across the world last month.

It was first reported on Sarah Furay’s arrest nearly a month ago after she was taken into custody.

Her former roommates say she’s no longer in College Station.

We haven’t been able to make contact with Furay to get her side of the story yet but did speak with a former roommate Wednesday.

As you may have seen before the mugshot of Sarah Furay made the news after she was taken into custody on November 6th. Her smiling photo got worldwide media coverage.

Police say they executed a search warrant after a tip and found large amounts of meth, cocaine, marijuana, other psychedelic drugs and cash in her possession.

“The Daily Mail” in the UK is reporting Furay is the daughter of a former Drug Enforcement Agency Supervisor in Beaumont who is currently working for the agency in Panama. News 3 was able to confirm that relationship with a DEA official Wednesday evening.

Wednesday afternoon News 3 stopped by Furay’s apartment complex.

One of her former roommates answered the door and said Furay was evicted shortly after her arrest and believes she is back home in The Woodlands area.

The former roommate also said she had no idea about her suspected drug activity.

Police say they have gotten calls from media outlets all over the world but there is not an update on the case as of now.

Furay was released November 7th from jail after posting $39,000 bond.

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