Colton Haynes Blamed for his Father's Suicide because he is Openly Gay

Colton Haynes Blamed for His Father’s Suicide Because He is Openly Gay

Bullying and atrocious offenses against the LGBT community are prevalent nowadays. In some parts of the word, that is, thinking globally, it is worse. That is right, some countries will punish—even kill—for being gay. Sometimes you may end up in a situation where people accuse you for shaming your family.

Why would they do this? I mean it’s not like it was your choice to be gay. It is just something that some people come to accept, and generally, when they accept this, they are happier. Again, why shouldn’t they be? Every person has every right to live happily being who he or she truly is.

Actor and model Colton Haynes, who came out of the closet not long ago, is now being blamed for his father’s suicide, due to the fact that Colton Haynes has come out as openly gay. As he admits he was challenged through this time, he does say he is in a more positive, happy place.

According to the Curtis M. Vong’s article at the Huffington Post, Haynes’ hometown of Andale, Kansas was a place were you “just couldn’t  be gay.”

Haynes questioned how anyone could know the truth when he was blamed for his father’s suicide. Honestly, you cannot blame him. He is gay and that is that. He is allowed to be gay without being a shame or an anomaly.

Sure, I do imagine it could be hard for a parent to absorb, but it is awfully personal and unprecedented for any person to unleashed such an attack on a person for something that is not in his or her control and does not have to be looked at as negative at all.

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