Comedy Central’s @Midnight With Chris Hardwick Is About To Make TV History

It’s 5:59 and fifty nine seconds, this is what is going to happen on Periscope during SXSW:

The Emmy award winning Comedy Central series @Midnight will make TV history when it becomes the first and only show to air an entire live episode via periscope. Periscope being the website where anyone can host a free livestream for their content even if that content is just an somewhat large puddle in Drummond.

@Midnight With Chris Hardwick in coordination with EW will air live from Austin, Texas with special guests: Show champion Doug Benson, the hilarious Arden Myrin, and the up and coming Chris Cubas—Who was discovered by @midnight themselves through their internet challenge #PointsMe where fans can interact live with the comedians and fight for a chance to be on the panel.

Walter Levitt of Comedy Central said excitedly, “We are excited to host hundreds of@midnight fans live in Austin, and to bring it to thousands more from the comfort of their homes.” The show has aired outside of L.A. before during New York’s comedy festival, and hosted large names and fan favorites like John Hamm and John Mulaney as a result. The live show will air on periscope and make internet and television history on March 11 at  9 p.m. central time.

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