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Last season, American Horror Story was fun and intense. There were many deep, memorable characters like The Countess, Donovan, Iris, Liz, Will Drake, John, and more. Since that is the only show of today I really have ever gotten to, other than Friends, which is a gem from the past, this is the enjoyment I have gotten from television. I cannot wait for season six!


According to Cole Delbyck, at, Kristin Dos Santos denied any rumors that the sixth season will center around “Slenderman” and said also that we must wait until March to see what the sixth season will really be about. Controversies over this still exist.


“Slenderman” is one of the most gruesome of this time’s fabricated villains of the world. He is slender, as his name implies, and prominently tall. Not only is he a menacing presence physically, lest we not forget he is not real! He is also a figment of imagination that some people find very terrifying. Once this vile creature is personified, get ready to be haunted to high levels and extents.


Anyway, that was what I understand about “Slenderman,” and I really do not want to venture more into him. Maybe I will if he is on season six, but according to E! News, that is assuredly unlikely. The anticipation is probably pretty suspenseful. The actors seems to know who they are and who they will play.


According to Chris Harnick and Kristin Dos Santos at, the series’ co-creator, Mr. Ryan Murphy, has actually revealed to the cast who they will play. It seems likely that Angela Bassett will be there, and it is without any denial that Sarah Paulson will return for yet another season.

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