“Communication Fatigue” as Coined by Jeanne M. Stafford. What is It?

Communication is an important part of our lives because it is both universal and also an everyday usage. It is multidirectional and relational, which makes it complex and interesting, as I believe, personally. Communication is not a one-way street, but it is important how one communicates individually on many levels. According to Jeanne M. Stafford, at Huffingtonpost.com, there is something such as communication fatigue, in fact.


When we enrich our communication, we enrich our lives and better communicators do well at a multitude of aspects of life. For example, we all know that communication is important in the world for job interviews, and it is, of course, not limited to that! Stafford’s term in my words is the phenomenon, prevalent at this time of year, where we are detached from our own communication and the words that we say since we have been using communication so much.


Stafford offers three ways to treat this phenomenon. Her first piece of advice is to engage with others and to be inviting to listen to them rather than talk yourself. Many have this problem; I admit that I do, and I know I have this problem because people have communicated it to me.


Her second piece of advice is to meditate. She starts by stating that this underrated practice is being acknowledged more and more. She relates it and puts it in a simile saying it will be “akin to launching the day with a vacation mindset.”


Her third and final piece of advice to treat such a phenomenon is to communicate small things. In other words, she advises us to compliment others. I often find it better to tell someone when I genuinely appreciate them, rather than to have them figure it out themselves. Not only does giving kudos help others feel awesome, it benefits you!


I believe that this holiday season, when celebrating joyfully and with friends and family, you may give gifts to others, but remember to treat yourself and cure yourself of what Jeanne M. Stafford has brilliantly called “communication fatigue.”


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