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Computers May Soon Detect Your Mood Based on Your Mouse

Your computer may soon be able to detect your mood based upon the way that you move your mouse. In fact, angrier uses detectably use their mouse is a manner characterized by shorter, rougher movements. The research was first brought forward by Brigham Young University, according Ryan O’Hare at and O’Hare even reported that the internet will now use this strategically to design websites. Websites will use this information to, in turn, become rather responsive to the user’s current emotion.


It is also reported that MIS quarterly journal found that there are substantial and noticeable differences between how a mouse is manipulated when a person is at different emotional states. Anger is different that a calm state and so on. The more calm person will use their mouse in smooth strides and curved paths.


Professor Jeffrey Jenkins of Brigham Young University in Utah said websites can become easier to use and much more friendly, accessible, and convenient in other words. He said also that users are drawn away from websites when frustrated, and this problem now can be easily eliminated from the experience of browsing a website. The websites can offer help as well.


I usually use the internet on my smart phone for browsing social media, and I usually do this through usage of apps like Facebook and Instagram. If I ever choose to use a computer, it is usually to write an essay for a University class or to research since my computer screen is obviously larger than my phone’s screen. Nonetheless, I do experience slow response from websites while researching and waiting for a page to appear or shopping online and waiting for the next page so I can enter my card information.

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