Before Considering Voting for Trump, Consider how Qualified and Prepared Hillary is to be President!

Before Considering Voting for Trump, Consider how Qualified and Prepared Hillary is to be President!

Recently, it seems Donald Trump has been catching up to Hillary Clinton in the polls. Are people seriously thinking about making Trump president of these United States?

Trump should have been disqualified already as he has made bluntly mean-spirited and endlessly derogatory remarks about many communities, while his running mate, Mike Pence is cited as a notable homophobe. We do not need to go over every single hateful remark Trump has made, but we do need to talk about the bright side of the situation, a Hillary Clinton presidency!

So what will Hillary do as president? Well, she is more qualified, experienced, and fit to be president than Donald Trump, who can bring back racism and even fascism, lies amply, and blamed Hillary on many occasions. She is prepared as she has plans to fight and protect and believes in strength, compassion, and equality. She quoted Abraham Lincoln and said that we are an “exceptional country” and that we “are not a country that cowers behind walls.” She cites a “rock-solid commitment to the values that have always made America great.”

Hillary is ready to invest in innovation and strength and she will secure veterans and their families to apt care and give them access to education and avoid catastrophes to be afflicted on them, such as in economic forms. She stresses substance abuse and mental health as well, showing her genuine concern and compassion for equality and well-being of her constituents and the country’s citizens. She will built a suitable economy for everyone, not for “those at the top.” Her five-point plan involves making college debt-free to all Americans. She wants to make the economy fit for challenges and alleviate families facing such challenges. She will make success accessible, inevitable, and possible. She will fight for equal pay and make changes happen that are simply long-delayed, like paid leave being guaranteed.

As Hillary has already been endorsed by many groups, like labor unions and the Human Rights Campaign, she gained a huge endorsement as, according to, former Defense Secretary Bob Gates wrote that Donald Trump is “beyond repair.” He also says “Trump is stubbornly uninformed about the world and how to lead our country and government, and tempermentally unsuited to lead our men and women in uniform. He is unqualified and unfit to be the Commander-in-Chief.

Donald Trump’s words about Bob Gates.

Bob Gates.

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