Cops Called On “Walking Dead” Fans During Mid Season Premiere

The cops got called on a couple of Deadheads. That used means a bunch of hippies got caught huffing nitrus in a Winnebago. But this time around it means a couple of “Walking Dead” fans got an unexpected visit from some officers, (none of whom, to the fan’s disappointment, were Rick Grimes). The cops were called on a couple of “Walking Dead” nerds, which sounds very unbelievable, unless of course that “Walking Dead” fan was Bob from Chattanooga.

This Valentine’s Day was the season premiere of “The Walking Dead” on AMC. And it was so intense that some people watching it, got the cops called on them. And not for bad mouthing Chris Hardwick. Police officers from the Great Falls Police Department in Great Falls, Montana, responded after a 911 call saying that there were gunshots coming from a home.

When the officers reported on the scene they discovered it wasn’t a horrific domestic dispute  between a country hick and a snorkel. But just ol’ Rick shooting up a gargling walker. The officers did flee the scene in fear, however, of spoilers.

The fans were watching the show with the volume up and their windows open. “Walking Dead” fans, and all television fans, take this as a warning. If you watch “The Walking Dead” with the windows open and the volume up your neighbors will fear they have to call the cops.  Just like if you watch “Supernatural” with the windows open and the volume up, you’re neighbors are going to think you’re house is super haunted and that you and your roommate both have MAJOR daddy issues. Similarly, if you prefer to feel a cool breeze and loudly watch HBO’s new Jagger/Scorsese show “Vinyl” expect the original Dead Heads to come to your house looking for the party.




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