Correlation Between Black Mirror and The Circle, Starring Emma Watson
Emma Watson in the upcoming movie The Circle. ©RTL

Correlation Between Black Mirror and The Circle, Starring Emma Watson

Beauty and the Beast is not the only upcoming movie Emma Watson will be appearing in. The Circle, also starring Nicholas Cage, focuses on a digital atmosphere devouring the purity of life, similar to the hit UK show Black Mirror.

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If you’re not familiar with Black Mirror, it’s on Netflix and is an intimidatingly incredible show about our relationships getting ruined by technology. Each episode focuses on a certain advancement of technology which mocks consumerism, wealth, status, cyber-bullying, etc. There are three seasons so far, and you’re going to want to watch all thirteen episodes, it’s seriously addicting.

Correspondingly, The Circle is based on the novel written by Dave Eggers and elaborates on a high-class internet system which continues to add more and more to its network. Mae Holland (Emma Watson), lands a job at this company and soon evaporates into gaining more access to more screens for information.

In the midst of trapping herself into this world, Mae loses a connection with her loved ones. Users of this internet system get deprived of their privacy, raising questions about how the rapidly increasing technological world can do more harm than good.

As technology continues to expand, human realness is vanishing as we rely on social media. Although I, myself, am an avid user of Instagram, it’s easy to fall into the trap of presenting yourself in a way that will get more “likes”. People stress too much on what could potentially be “caption goals” and less on actually important things. The Circle and Black Mirror present a world that intimately correlates with reality through an exaggeration. Both are major hits for science-fiction fans.

While you’re waiting for The Circle to come out on April 28, I highly suggest delving into Black Mirror on Netflix and preparing for a binge-worthy night. It’s THAT good.


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