Couple Featured On ‘Ghost Hunters’ Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide

Couple Featured On ‘Ghost Hunters’ Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide

Self styled paranormal investigators Mark and Debby Constantino, and a third still-unidentified man, were killed yesterday in Sparks, Nevada after a domestic violence incident turned deadly. The Constantinos billed themselves as electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) experts and made frequent appearances on reality shows about the supernatural, most notably in a recurring basis on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.

The couple were estranged, and Debby Constantino had been living with two roommates. According to Nevada’s KTVN, at approximately 8:00 AM Tuesday, the police were called to Debby Constantino’s apartment after one of her roommates found their male roommate dead, and Debby missing. Police eventually discovered that she was being held hostage by Mark Constantino in an apartment belonging to one of the couple’s adult children. Attempts at negotiating Mark Constantino’s surrender failed, and around 1:30 PM a S.W.A.T. team breached the apartment door and found both people dead.

KVTN also reports that the Constantinos have recently had numerous runs-in with local law enforcement due to complaints of domestic violence. Most recently, in August Mark Constantino was charged with kidnapping, domestic battery by strangulation, and domestic battery against Debby, following an incident in which their daughter was also charged as an accomplice.

At this time no statement has been released by Travel Channel or Ghost AdventuresGhost Adventures is currently in its 11th season.

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