Crack Pipes, Drugs, and Roaches Found in Lamar Odom's Home

Crack Pipes, Drugs, and Roaches Found in Lamar Odom’s Home

Lamar Odom is in bad shape and is refusing rehab, if you believe the current gossip.

The NBA star’s friends are so worried about his alleged drug use, they staged an intervention, a new report claims.

Lamar has been acting erratically recently, according to TMZ, and those close to him are sure he has relapsed — and they’ve been trying to communicate their concern with him these past few weeks.

Some friends even converged on the 36-year-old’s Calabasas house to try to get him into rehab, but he “scoffed” at the suggestion, apparently believing he’s “invincible,” per TMZ.

Even worse, those staging the intervention reportedly found drug paraphernalia all around his house, including “crack pipes, baggies, and roaches.”

All this comes two months after paparazzi also spotted Khloé Kardashian’s estranged husband at a bar.

Meanwhile, Lamar should still be recovering from his near-death experience in October, when he suffered multiple strokes and organ failure after overdosing and falling unconscious at a Nevada brothel.

Two years before that scary saga, friends of the 6-foot-10 Clippers castoff attempted another intervention about his drug use, TMZ claims, but were unsuccessful.

Lamar has yet to comment on the story, so maybe it’s all hogwash or maybe he has his life under control… or maybe we’re just being too optimistic.


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