Crane Collapse in Islamic Holy Site kills 107

Mecca (Makkah) is the sacred, holy city for those that belong to the Muslim faith. Located there are many sacred Islamic sites, such as the Grand Mosque, or in Arabic, Masjed-al-Haram as it is known to the Muslim faith. The Mosque is the single holiest location for Islam in Saudi Arabia and contains what is known at the sacred building, house of God, to Muslims, the Ka’bah. It is also where Muslims conduct their once in a lifetime pilgrimage in Mecca and Medina (Madinah.) The Ka’bah is also walked around seven times during this pilgrimage. Muslims that wish to complete this pilgrimage anticipate this arduous journey, deeming it rewarding as a form of worship to God.


On September 11, 2015, a crane collapsed by the Mosque, killing 107 people, on impact and ultimately. Now this definitely raises questions of the safety of Muslims that perform this pilgrimage, called the “Hajj.”  According to the New York Times article by Ben Hubbard, up to three million people make the journey every year and this governor, Khaled Al-Faisal, even opened up investigations to discover the cause of the tragedy.


In a video, the patrons of the Mosque can be heard chanting God’s name and such religious chants, fearing their death has arrived. Of the 107 deceased and 238 injured were many nationalities.


It is said that if one dies at the time of doing something religious, like such—worshipping at a mosque—he or she will automatically be awarded  the right to go to heaven. Also, the Hajj is only required upon a person who is able and stable to make the journey in health and financially.

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