Crivitz High School to Begin 'Random' Drug Testing Of Students

Crivitz High School to Begin ‘Random’ Drug Testing Of Students

The district will be randomly drug testing a pool of their students they say in response to a growing drug problem in Marinette County.

The school will select five students at random to test every other week.

Because of state regulations only student participating in extra curricular activities or those who buy a parking permit to park on school property will be a part of the test pool.

When this starts, Crivitz won’t be the only school district in our area with a drug testing program.

For the past 14 years it’s something students have gotten used to at Kimberly High School.

Principal Mike Reitveld said, “It’s actually become part of the culture at Kimberly High School. The first year there were a lot of questions, a little bit of opposition but now it’s part of what we are and who we stand for in terms of wanting to provide a culture that’s drug and alcohol free.”

Of the schools 1458 students 1266 are in the drug testing pool which includes those who participate in extra curricular activities, buy a parking permit,or participate in a group called Life Force which includes students who take a pledge to be drug and alcohol free.

Last year 11 students did not pass the drug test at Kimberly High School, although the principal tells me in seven of those cases the test was given at the request of a parent, which was not a part of the random pool.

Still programs like this have opposition.

This includes the American Academy of Pediatrics, also known as AAP.

They say there’s no clear evidence of it being a deterrent for doing drugs.

“The AAP really questions whether that’s a worthwhile investment for schools to make when in reality there are really limited dollars to target substance abuse support programs,” said Dr. Sharon Levy, past chair of the Committee on Substance Abuse for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

In Kimberly about 220 students are tested a year.

“The goal is not to catch somebody and sanction them. The goal is to try and help them face the issue and make better choices in the future and have some education,” said Reitveld.

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