Curt Schilling’s Comments Get Him Removed From Broadcast

We have all heard the term, Jihad. We have all heard the term, Islamophobia. Jihad is thought to be war in Islam and fighting, but what it really is, is the internal struggle faced in Islam to be a good person of the faith. There are many misconceptions about Islam, which can all be debunked and I would debunk them having grown up Muslim, but let us leave that for another day. May we then consider the following Islamophobia though: Curt Schilling, ESPN baseball analyst compares Islamic extremism to Hitler and Nazi’s? Let us take a look.


Islamic extremism is wrong and it is really haunting. Take a look at what Schilling tweeted. Along with a photo of Hitler, Schilling tweeted that 5-10 percent of Muslims are extremists and in 1940 7 percent of Germans were Nazis or something to that effect. Then he proceeded to even question how it will work out, saying “How’d that go?”


Schilling deleted the tweet, yet ESPN removed him from broadcasting. ESPN said it was unacceptable. The anger was primarily due to the fact that Schilling was representing ESPN and ESPN stated that they do not reflect this or agree with it. They even said further discipline is open to the former MLB player and analyst.


Schilling did show accountability, taking responsibility for his tweet and even saying it was all his fault. He said, also, that it was deserved on his part. He said it was not a good decision he made and the consequences he received also were not good.


Although Schilling apologized, I would like to go back to the notion that Islamic extremism is prevalent and is very scary. As it spreads, people are trying to combat it with hate and wear. Islam is not the enemy; in fact, religion is not and never is the enemy. Religious radicalism is the enemy.

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