Dana Loesch appears to shoot herself in viral video smear

Dana Loesch Appears to Shoot Herself in Viral Video Made by Sick Liberal Group


ST. LOUIS, MO – A conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch recently appeared in an ad for the National Rifle Association. Twitter user @TomAdelsbach re-edited the video to make it appear that Loesch shoots herself in the head. His post reads, “Dana Loesch’s new promotional video for the #NRA ‘backfires’ on her.”

The nationally syndicated radio host based in St. Louis tweeted the video to her 303,000 fans, “Great. Now anti-gun #MomsDemand fans are making videos threatening to kill me.”

Loesch says she has contacted the FBI and has had the video removed from Twitter. She adds that, “every hate Tweet I receive? I’m going to donate to the NRA in that person’s name AND buy myself another box of ammo.”

This is the original ad from the NRA:

Dana Loesch – Freedom’s Safesty PlaceDana Loesch says, “I’m a mom, and just like millions of other women, that’s why I own guns.” She’s willing to use a firearm to defend her family. Are you?

Posted by National Rifle Association on Monday, September 28, 2015

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