Davison, Michigan: Parents Press Charges After 2-Year-Old “Physically Bound” For Naps at Day Care Center

Davison, Michigan: Parents Press Charges After 2-Year-Old “Physically Bound” For Naps at Day Care Center

Michigan couple Jason and Rebecca Vannest spent more than a year trusting they made the right choice in selecting a day care center for their young son.

But the Vannests trust was shattered when they obtained a photograph apparently showing the 2-year-old child was being “physically bound” for naps, according to a report by WNEM.

The parents sent their little boy to the Rainbow Child Care Center in Davison, Michigan, following a long search for a day care center. They believed everything was fine.

“I would often call and say he was a little upset at drop-off, is he doing OK now? Do you need anything? Is he being good for you today? It felt like we had a trust,” Rebecca Vannest told WNEM.

But shortly after William’s second birthday in June, they received a disturbing phone call that changed everything.

“We had a contact from a worker at Rainbow who had a great concern about the care that he was being provided,” Jason Vannest told WNEM.

That’s when someone on the inside shared a photo with the couple.

“She explained to us he was being physically bound for naps, and over time, this happened about a period of a couple of months,” Jason Vannest said.

The Vannests told the station they believed the picture showed a clear case of child abuse, with the toddler being swaddled and bound against his will.

They then got the police and the state involved. According to WNEM, the Department of Health and Human Services cited the day care for “restricting William’s movement during nap time,” the station reported.

However, it was unknown if they received any punishment over the reported incident because of confidentiality.

WNEM also confirmed that the Davison Township Police Department conducted its own investigation, but the county prosecutor did not move forward with the case.

The Vannests said they believe the action taken against the Rainbow Child Care Center is insufficient. For now, they are keeping William out of day care.

“It’s just scary as a parent, because I don’t know how another parent would find this out,” Rebecca Vannest said.

A spokesperson for the Rainbow Child Care Center issued the following statement about the incident:

“The safety and security of the students we are privileged to serve is our first priority. We have remained cooperative and transparent with all local authorities and regulatory agencies throughout this process. To that end, the licensing investigation report confirms that the child’s movement was not restricted as a form of punishment.”

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