Deivis Ventura, Openly Gay Man Running for Congress in Dominican Republic

LGBT rights have factored into societies everyday discourses and conversations, but why should they not? Having been a trend, but more importantly a fiercely evolving reality that is swiftly moving into spaces where is more appropriated and understood, the LGBT community is making strides all over the world in all kinds of disciplines and settings.

In the Dominican Republic, a 42-year-old former former schoolteacher has made a significant milestone in his country and brought gay presence and subjectivity into prominence by being the first openly gay man to run for Congress in the country in its capital, Santo Domingo. What makes this an evidently defining event and moment that has implications for the country itself, and for LGBT communities on a wider level, is that it was not taken as strange and the people did not react to it negatively.

According to Ben Fox at the Associated Press, Yimbert Telemin, another gay man from the city of La Romana in the Dominican Republic, will be running for  the city council soon in May.

As for me, being a voracious proponent of gay rights and human rights worldwide, and for any such person, this is definitely a rejoicing moment. The fact that the occurrence can definitely inspire gay people to not feel stifled or alienated in their environment, and the idea that increasingly, gays can feel less daunted to do so in their fields of interest and they can pursue what they are passionate about is astonishing and riveting! Hopefully, this is going to create a monumental “domino effect” that will inspire movements worldwide.

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