Delta Air Lines Lifts Ground Stop After Computer Shutdown

Delta Air Lines Lifts Ground Stop After Computer Shutdown

Delta released a statement saying the ground stop was lifted and limited departures would be resuming, but customers could still expect large-scale delays and cancellations.
At least eight flights were reported to have been delayed at Los Angeles International Airport.

Customers at LAX were seen waiting in lines as the computers systems were powered back up. Many said they were trying to remain hopeful.

“We’re hoping we’ll be on time, and we’re hoping they’ll do everything manually and get us to our destination. And if you have no control, you have to just be patient,” said traveler Michele Hersch of Atlanta.

Delta also said there may be some lag time in the display of accurate flight status on the company website,, the Fly Delta App and even from company representatives as they worked to recover from the outage.

Flights that were already in the air when the outage struck continued, but many flights remained grounded. Over the next several hours, only a handful of flights took off instead of the usual hundreds, according to flight-tracking services.

The airline said there was a waiver in effect for customers traveling on Aug. 8 through Aug. 12. Details on the waiver could be found here.

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