Demi Lovato Wins Most Memed Star of 2015 AMA’s

The American Music Awards… for some it’s the most buzzed about night in the music industry. For others, it’s just another derivative award ceremony for pop musicians. Only this time Nicki Minaj held her tongue so there was even little left for the internet to break itself over. High rated awards shows, to the internet, are like Thanksgiving in away. It brings us all together momentarily. For a moment it seems like a wholesome, goodhearted, once a year tradition. But we typically only end up overstuffed and bickering. Only rather than stuffed with mashed potatoes and bickering over charades, we’re over stuffed with memes and beleaguered with social justice debates.

Which brings us to Demi Lovato. In our Thanksgiving AMA’s feast, she was the cool older cousin who just got permission to start sitting at the adults table. She’s confident. She’s buddying up with our even cooler older cousin Alanis Morrisette. And she is all that we over at the children’s table called The Internet can talk about. For the 2015 AMA’s the award for most memed goes to Demi Lovato, hands down.  Sure, at the AMA’s she was known as the confident show stopper. However online, the memes labeled her a bit differently.

Whether the internet was comparing her to her character Mitchie in Disney Channel’s “Camp Rock”… (Which we were all thinking when they chose to cut to this dramatic shot of Demi’s friend and Ex Joe Jonas.)

source: lovemeansjemi


Or making references to other Disney production “The Suite Life of Zack And Cody”…

source: cohmedy

Or whether the internet was comparing her to Vine Star Adam Perkins
(But who wouldn’t wanted to be greeted by that face?)

source: nacho-ombre


Or even one of our founding fathers himself… (Maybe she’s also just really into Hamilton?)

source: die-in–hell

…The internet has clearly chosen their heir to Nicki in terms of the winner to this award show’s most memed celebrity. All jokes aside, far as Demi Lovato’s overall appearance at the American Music Awards, we can all agree that thanks to the internet it will be the most memorable. No one likes hearing about a woman’s powerful performance at a high rated awards show being reduced to merely her outfit and styling choices. No one likes having the same exact social justice argument that we have every awards show. Media tends to minimize a woman’s success just to focus on her appearance. But it shouldn’t matter if her gown looked like flamboyant camouflage. Or if her hair looked like elegant seaweed. Or that her makeup was evocative of the Ugly Step Sister that Larry King played in Shrek 2.

cohmedy larry
source: cohmedy




All that should matter is that she showed up and crushed the internet! And for Demi personally, when she goes to check out her twitter feed in the morning, we all clearly know now that she is confident enough to laugh at herself and look gorgeous doing it.


source: dlovato-news



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