Designer Olivier Rousteing and Balmain Spring 2017 Men’s Collection

In many of my classes so far, as a Media and Cultural Studies major, I have had the chance to explore the notion of a division of the world with Eastern and Western. This is an interdisciplinary notion and is also prevalent and existent in fashion. Growing up in a home where most ideologies, practices, values, and folklore was South Asian, I was exposed to what a “kurta” is or what a “sherwani” is. These are both hugely important staples of South Asian men’s fashion. When fashion cleverly obscures lines, ubiquitously demonstrates its intersecting views globally, and unites the world, it is a mesmerizing phenomenon, and Balmain is doing exactly that.

The designer, age 30, who is Olivier Rousteing, radiantly has inspired with his new collection for men. The Spring 2017 collection features the aforementioned intersectionality and unity. Instrumental and vivacvious, the designer has been collaborating with other superpowers in fashion and wowing the world. Now with his vocal and vivid fashions that have come to life time and time, over and over, Rousteing is creating outlets for expression and escaping, which is exceptional and fitting for the season, as we continuously seek to escape at several moments in life. Not only, in his men’s fashion has he yet again interwoven ideas that encompass the world, blending ethereal and banal elements that relate to us all with his luxurious, radiant take on clothing, but his collection parades around  something with mire of what CEO Emmanuel Diemoz has described, “optimistic” quality to his designs, according to Miles Rocha at Women’s Wear Daily.

Rousteing, once again, had a particular vision that he sought to fulfill. Dressing both men and women in luxury and style, Rousteing kept to his vision and kept Balmain characteristic in its image.

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Hi, I am Umar Siddiqui. I am currently a student at the University of California, Riverside majoring in Media and Cultural Studies. My areas of interest in studies are mainly communications, journalism, media, and cultural/ social issues. My hobbies are anything Disney, music, creative writing, fashion, friends, social activism, etc. I am a very sociable person who is outgoing and opinionated; making my opinions known is important to me. I recently completed a fashion journalism short course online at the University of the Arts London's London College of Fashion. I am anticipating to graduate with my Bachelor's of Arts degree spring of 2017.

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