Desus & Mero: Episode 1 Review
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Desus & Mero: Episode 1 Review

Hailing from the Bronx with heavy accents, the unconventional internet comedians have arrived on your late night TV-programming. For those who are exhausted with the prototypical comedic night shows that cover pop culture topics, Desus & Mero are here to bring new energy for viewers.

Relatively new channel Viceland, gave the green light for their show to start last night at 11 p.m ET. Their chemistry is on the level of a former Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. Not because they have extensive knowledge about the topics, but because they feed off each other’s jokes and have no shame in expressing how they feel.

Desus & Mero are both prominent users on Twitter known for their witty and flat-out hilarious tweets. Their start originated on twitter but quickly transitioned into a podcast. The duo got their start in 2013 when Complex offered them an internet show where they would talk about everything from Derek Jeter’s newest girlfriend to the horrific actions about Isis. Their current show on Viceland holds the same template. Two men from the Bronx offering their opinions in an unconventional comedy/news show.

The first episode hosted a guest host, actor Awkwafina, and they proceeded to watch a video of fight between a Jaguars and Bears fan. With numerous expletives being beeped out while they commentated, they managed to sneak in a “timbs” joke in the process.

This segment of the show took from Highly Questionable, random hilarious videos are shown and the duo gave their comments on it. It will be interesting to see their comments on future viral videos.

There were tons of laughs to be made and random facts to be presented. Like the fact that “creepy clown porn” is a highly searched topic on Pornhub. After struggling to make ends meet a few years back, Desus & Mero succeeded in making it on making on TV and are looking to gain you as fans. The next episode starts tomorrow night at 11 p.m. ET.

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