Diesel Military-Inspired Collection

Diesel is definitely one of my favorite stores to shop at for clothes, and yes, trust me I do that a lot! The store includes in it clothing that is suitable to anyone. I love their clothing, it, to me, is really genuinely a great place to shop!


I am writing this article since I recently was there, shopping of course, and absolutely adored their military inspired collection. There are different hues and shades of green included in it, but astoundingly, green is not the only color here in this collection. Other colors that are actually light and vibrant have functioned in this collection astoundingly enough! I totally loved the sweaters, one distressed one really caught my eye. It was priced at $248.00 as I can recall, and I actually keep regretting not have bought it, but then again my purchase also didn’t make me sad either! I was excited about it, because once again, Diesel wowed me with their awesomeness to say the least. They had a slim-fit military-inspired button-up shirt that really caught my eye. They also had jackets, like leather and parkas, and the also had t-shirts and pants that were consistent with this trend. They had a simple green sweater that I admired, not only for its appeal that transcended its simplicity, but because it is going to be winter in California soon, and I need to have my sweaters and jackets handy for that. If you did not realize from reading this already, yes, the collection includes all types of garments: sweaters, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, pants, and even shoes.


I do not really wear boots, probably because I do not find them suitable to my height, but Diesel includes boots in this collection, and if you are a person who pulls them off well, then you may consider going to Diesel for that. Other than boots they have other shoes that are worth looking into.


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