DJ Khaled Issues “Major Key Alert” on Obamacare Signup Deadline

DJ Khaled Issues “Major Key Alert” on Obamacare Signup Deadline

On Thursday, hip hop producer and Snapchat virtuoso DJ Khaled took to Twitter and Instagram to issue a “Major Key Alert,” making sure his followers and viewers are advised of the impending enrollment deadline for Obamacare, which is Sunday, Jan. 31st. People who don’t have health coverage will face tax penalties and the full force of any medical bill, should something bad happen.

Which won’t, as long as DJ Khaled, né Khaled Mohamed Khaled, has something to say about it.

Major Key Alert: They don’t want us to have healthcare,” said Mr. Khaled from his soapbox that reaches 2.7 million on Twitter, 2.9 million on Instagram, and likely a similar number on Snapchat. They don’t want us to have Obamacare.”

For those unfamiliar with the DJ’s oeuvre, which the New York Times described as “social media core curriculum,” the unusual use of “they” is a hallmark of his personal slang, a catch-all term representing haters, pessimists, and other nebulous people who wish to keep people down. Or, in Khaled’s second-person world that focuses exclusively on positivity and motivation, to keep you down.

“So what we gonna do is care about our life and get that health care—getthat Obamacare,” says Khaled.

“You have to get it before January 31st,” says Khaled, before relaying some additional advice: “Don’t ever play yourself.”

On his popular Snapchat, Khaled underscored the need to get the healthcare “they don’t want you to have” further, asking his Chef, D, whether she had it (“of course”) and his friend Dre (“of course I do, shoutout Obama”).

The DJ then launched into some impromptu “Range Rover Talk,” where he noted that “when you realize they don’t want you in a Range Rover, that’s when you gonna have a Range Rover, Range Rover talk!” and issued one of his signature “Special Cloth Alerts” from the studio. Healthcare PSAs are important, but the show must go on.

But by Friday, Khaled was back at it again on Snapchat. Following a thorough documentation of his afternoon breakfast of egg whites, potatoes, and turkey bacon, prepared by Chef D, he reiterated his previous messages, reminding viewers of the URL and that they “have till Sunday Bless up.”

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