Dominican Republic Temporarily Hold Off Deportation Of Haitians
Milene Monime, 16, holding her two month old son Jefferson Thezan, stands along with other Haitian migrants just deported from Dominican Republic, at the border crossing in Malpasse, Haiti, Wednesday, June 17, 2015. Authorities are prepared to resume deporting non-citizens without legal residency in the Dominican Republic after largely putting the practice on hold for a year, the head of the country's immigration agency said Tuesday. For decades, the Dominican Republic has deported non-citizens, the vast majority of whom come from neighboring Haiti to work in low-wage jobs.(AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Dominican Republic Temporarily Hold Off Deportation Of Haitians

According to a report from Dominican Republic will temporarily halt deportation of Haitians from their country. There has been a lot of support for Haitians living in Dominican Republic and Haitians in general who have family members and are associated with the sister nation they share an island with.

According to the State Department “An estimated 10,000 to 20,000 children of Haitian descent are born each year in the Dominican Republic.” also states that “The deportations threaten a still-fragile Haiti, which still has high poverty rates five years after the devastating earthquake that killed an estimated 222,750 people.”

The petition to oppose the deportation of Haitian immigrants from Dominican Republic is still going strong. You can sign by clicking here. needs 47,966 more signatures by July 16, 2015.


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