Donald Trump Mocks The Disabled Reporter He Needed On His Side The Most

In a speech Tuesday night, Donald Trump made a terribly offensive reference to reporter Serge Kovaleski. Serge Kovaleski suffers from a chronic condition known as arthrogryposis, a disability that limits his motion of his arms.

When Trump made reference to Kovaleski, he was seen contorting and moving his arms.

While those who had never known of Kovaleski and his disability, hoped it was Trump having a stroke, those who did know of Kovaleski were probably hoping Trump has already suffered from a stroke that has now left him without the capability to decide between right, and morally asinine.

Trump mocks disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski

Slowly but surely, this one (awful) isolated incident gets worse and worse. Which shouldn’t be of any surprise. Trump has never shied away from mocking the appearance of others. Whether it be fellow republican GOP candidate Carly Fiorina. Or the classic on-going Trump feud with Rosie O’Donell. Trump has made it known that he feels that his words and opinions, unlike his hair, is always the real thing.

Thursday, Trump shot down the claims that he was mocking Kovaleski. He even went as far as to suggest that the two had never met, and that “somebody at the financially failing and totally biased New York Times” made the claim. And Trump, “Despite having one of the all-time great memories” certainly does not remember him.

And this is where story gets even worse. Because Kovaleski reported that he and Donald had been on a first name basis for years. He’s been around him dozens of times in press conferences and even private interviews in Trump’s own office. And now, despite his “All-time greatest memory” Trump completely expresses never having done any of those interviews with Kovaleski.

In 1989, reporter Suzy Parker even told CNNMoney that she believed that Trump and Kovaleski were good social friends. She said “they were so chummy” at the press conference just before the Trump Shuttle was launched. Kovaleski was even the one to introduce Suzy Parker to Ivana Trump (this then wife) herself! Kovaleski spent the entire day with Trump covering the launch of the Trump Shuttle.

To make Trump’s elaborate lie even worse, Trump’s relationship with Kovaleski even depends on his other current lie. A specific article that Kovaleski wrote in 2001 was cited by Trump himself in his claim that officers had arrested Muslims in Jersey City celebrating the fall of The World Trade Center. So, despite this “all-time greatest memory” Donald Trump seems to have forgotten that his current hair brained attempt to fear monger his way into The White House, rests within the very arms he cruelly mocked in front of hundreds of people.

Serge Kovaleski


Kovaleski has now gone on record to The New York Times to publicly alter his take on the events he once reported on, that Trump had altered to fit his argument. Taking back the only words that Trump had to go on, Kovaleski said,  “I certainly do not recall hundreds or even thousands of people celebrating. That was not the case.”

But knowing Trump, and his “all-time greatest memory” he will remember some other scandalous event to distract us all from his giant blunder. But we cannot forget that this man, who discredits reporters, mocks the handicapped, and instills fear for votes and press coverage, wants to be our leader.

To mock anyone’s disability is bad enough. But to mock your own friend, who is a successful reporter, who you yourself have cited so clearly in your most recent public declaration of insanity (or what others call his campaign) is completely and utterly counter productive. As well as despicable behavior.


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