Donald Trump's Controversial Tweet about Dwayne Wade's Cousin, Following Racist Comments to African Americans

Donald Trump’s Controversial Tweet about Dwayne Wade’s Cousin, Following Racist Comments to African Americans

It is no secret that Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Nominee, is known to make controversial, insensitive, and unprecedented comments.

This time he has made headlines by tweeting “African Americans will vote for Trump!” He made this claim after he generalized problems in the African American community, falsely claiming them as having impoverished neighborhoods, unemployment, and poverty.

Trump said this, offering no condolence, tweeting it in a matter-of-fact way. Trump has no solution to the problem and gun violence can happen to anyone, not to downplay #Blacklivesmatter, because indeed these lives are in question and they deserve to live in security and peace.

The same man, Donald Trump, that is, wants to ban Muslims from entering the United States and wants to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, that he claims Mexico would pay for. Donald Trump’s ignorant and offensive comments have never failed to dumbfound me or have people feel flabbergasted.

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At one time, as President Obama iterated, we have to consider if Trump is worthy of being president to the United States. Like Demoncractic Nominee, Hillary Clinton, herself says, he is “temperamentally unfit” to run a country.

I cannot even imagine Mr. Trump running this country, especially when he is so mean-spirited, even going as far as to attack a Gold Star family (the parents of a faller Muslim soldier) on the basis of their religion, saying the soldier’s mother, Ghazala Khan, was not being allowed to speak due to her being a woman.


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