Drake Addresses Meek Mill – “I Signed Up For Greatness, This Comes With It”

Drake Addresses Meek Mill – “I Signed Up For Greatness, This Comes With It”

If you thought Meek Mill dropping a Twitter bombshell last night by accusing Drake of not writing his own rhymes was going to end with the Toronto rap superstar going quietly, think again.

Although Drake has yet to publicly respond to Meek’s allegations that resulted in one of biggest social media explosions of the year so far, he apparently had a few choice words about Meek’s comments in an Instagram DM conversation with a fan/associate who goes by the the name of @hitmanholla on Twitter.

In the message, “@hitmanholla” reaches out to Drake to reassure him that despite Meek’s claims, he’s not buying the accusations. Drake responded with the following:

When a few fans began questioning just how well “@hitmanholla” actually knows Drake, he was quick to let them know that his acquaintance with Drake began after the rapper donated money towards his mother’s cancer fund:

Meanwhile, MMG’s youngest in charge hasn’t quieted down just yet either. After Toronto government official Norm Kelly promptly sent Meek a message via his own Twitter early this morning suggesting that he was no longer welcome in the city for dissing Drake, Meek lashed back out:

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