Durrington Walls, new site close to Stonehenge, uncovered

I am sure you have heard of Stonehenge, whether it was in a history class, an art history class, or an archaeology class. I first heard about it in an art history class and was very fascinated. There is much speculation and folklore on this prehistoric site. It is thought to even have astronomical and religious significance for ancient people. This site is a collection of megaliths, or big rocks, that all stand together.


Recently, researchers they have found an ancient archaeological site two miles away from Stonehenge. Also being called Durrington Walls due to its location, this site is reported to be built approximately 4,500 years ago and were submerged in the earth when found.


This monument replicates Stonehenge in a colossal way. The remnants of this ancient site, also referred to as “Superhenge,” provoke thought. The civilization that built Superhenge, like Stonehenge, is not known much about. Archaeologists are wondering, still, what the civilization was like, especially in how they functioned and their dwelling style. Amused, professor Vince Gaffney of the University of Bradford, said he believes this to be a “ritual arena of some sort.”


Other archaeologists expressed how we do not know much about this or the civilization. Archaeologists also believe we will unlock new ideas about Stonehenge through this remarkable discovery.


The civilization made use of the site, which suggests their use of resources and this is absolutely intriguing! Gaffney believes this site was restructured and rebuilt by Neolithic builders, and he believes in this newer age, the stones were knocked over.

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