It’s Dynamic: Moneaul Robo Vac [the RYDIS]

Spare your family time, by not using it to clean. During non-time-sparing events–i.e. football games; romantic dinners; family days out in the yard; or mall shopping— something constructive is going on at the homefront. With the Moneual Rydis H68 Pro, your time can easily be spared. This is the first true hybrid wet/dry mop and vacuum that ideally tracks its performance with the Smart Vision Mapping Technology. The RYDIS H68 Pro is known as a powerful and dynamic cleaning tool.

Dynamic Technology

This dynamic technology is hands-free (comes with a handheld and wireless remote control). Vacuuming and mopping haven’t been known to happen so easily, especially with the option to avoid mandatory supervision. Two side brush gather the debris while the main brush provides three inviting passages where the actual dust and dirt are collected and stored until emptied. In the rear compartment, a super vacuum sucks the elements into this hands-free collector (easily collects dust and dander).

Add water or an organic cleaning solution to the largest water tank for hands-free mopping in the mechanized and self-cleaning category. The continuous flow system enables the cleaning robot to manage a clean deck for up to three hours without requiring a refill. Additionally, the RYDIS dry mop flows without causing upsetting damage. Simply dust the dry deck and remove the reusable dust pad; toss is in the washer–saving time and money.

Double-clean Mode:

The robo-vac goes over the same square footage area 4x over to ensure a special deep clean while you can get to other concerns and duties on time. Moreover, the robo-vac easily slips under beds to gather those fearful dust-bunnies with ease and no human-related effort (shadow cleaning).

Smart Vision Mapping Technology:

Equipped with 42 onboard smart sensors, this valuable device can avoid damaging furniture and falling from the step or deck areas. Ideally, this design assists thorough cleaning agendas without cause other detrimental expense.

Avoid bending and jeopardizing your own limbs, by investing in the wireless and portable vacuuming system. Along with enhancing modes the RYDUS is perceptive (Omnidirectional 42 sensors detect obstacles while avoiding walls and furniture; efficient (captures 99.5% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger); durable, intelligent (Vision Mapping tracks the uncleansed area by mapping out the surrounding area while tracking its location; absolute and selective (ONR Technology [Shadow Cleaning] using light sensors the detect shaded and overlooked spaces); and resourceful (Lithium Iron Phosphate battery offers a backup of power and durability, in comparison to common lithium batteries).

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