Egyptian Man Arrested For Suggesting That Some Women May Have Affairs
A man sits in an internet cafe in Cairo May 18, 2010. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

Egyptian Man Arrested For Suggesting That Some Women May Have Affairs

It hasn’t been since Ben Carson suggested that the Egyptian pyramids were used to store grains, and that obnoxious Bangles song came out, that something really stupid has been coupled with Egypt. But now there is this: A man from Cairo was sentenced to three years in prison and hard labor merely for suggesting the possibility that some Egyptian women may be having affairs.

He didn’t even suggest it in a crazy way. He didn’t threaten to kill himself while sobbing on a live Periscope stream that his wife is in love with another man. He simply pointed out that in the conservative Egyptian nation it is easy to believe that “These days, it is very normal for women to cheat on their husbands and seek it out … Many women are involved in extramarital affairs while their husbands are abroad”.

That’s not an insane thing to suggest. If even the most conservative Duggar can be exposed as a profligate predator then it’s safe to assume a couple ladies caught the eye of a suave Egyptian prince. The Egyptian men are quite good looking people. Though you’d never know it in America since all of our movies portray them as aging, noisy scotsmen. Egyptian ladies should be allowed to have their sexuality be accepted in even slightly controversial context. I mean for Ra’s sake, this is the country where their most famous pharaohs were a woman who had semen slaves, and a twelve year old kid who was probably just learning what an erection is. I think the women of the country should have the forefront on what the tolerance level for sexuality is.

The man arrested is named Taymour el-Sobky. He was accused of slander and damaging women’s honor. But who really is the one “damaging honor” here? The man who is suggesting that women should be able to seek other options if their romantic or sexual needs are not being met… Or the government with such a fragile ego that they silence a man for even suggesting that.

And while our fingers are hovering over the gender card we may as well just pull it at this point: Would this man have faced the same punishments if he suggested that thirty percent of Egyptian men are having affairs while they’re abroad? I can’t even hardly stand to stay a weekend at a Marriott in San Diego, I doubt Egyptian men are keeping level heads remaining celibate in the Marriott of Libya. Would this whole incident just be overlooked as a “well, duh” Facebook post if the gender roles were reversed? If women are such precious things that men arrest people for even suggesting that they might be “doing something dirty” maybe, I don’t know, treat those precious things like human beings and let them live their lives?

Seriously, these people went way overboard. A man made a response video holding an assault rifle and demanded el-Sobky be put to death. This is just what they do to the men who are just suggesting that women may be having affairs and trying to possibly lift the strict sexual ties holding their society back by generations. Imagine how they treat women who actually do engage in affairs. And I do not blame these women at all. If this is how a portion of their men are behaving publicly, demanding death to another man who is on the side of women, I don’t even want to know what those dudes are like in the bedroom.

Go for it ladies. Keep having those sweet Egyptian affairs. And make sure your husband’s publicly suggest to their friends or coworkers, “I think my wife may be having an affair”. So that way all the men get jailed. And soon all the Egyptian queens will be back on the throne of Egypt again as modern Cleopatras. And that “hard labor” sentence… just have the guys do what Cleo’s guy’s did.

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