Electronic Rock Band Phantogram's New Album, "Three" and Tour

Electronic Rock Band Phantogram’s New Album, “Three” and Tour

Composed of Sarah Barthel on main vocals and keyboards and Josh Carter on some vocals and guitar, electronic rock band Phantogram recently announced new album “Three.”

The album comes after other albums like “Eyelid Movies”, “Nightlife”, and “Voices.” Their electronic sound is complemented by hazy vocals and an invigorating, energetic, and psychedelic sound. Their sound is also described as airy, dreamy, rhythmic trip-hop or with an indie sound or even as Phantogram’s very own guitarist Josh Carter describes it, it is street-beat.

Phantogram’s kaleidoscopic sound is featured on all of their enjoyable, infectious, captivating songs. From their 2014 album, “Voices”, which reached number 11 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart and three on both the Top Rock Albums Chart and Top Alternative Albums Chart, featured hit song “Fall in Love”, which had a quite a presence on the alternative radio and was a loveable song instantly. Its electronic, resounding appeal along with Barthel’s wistful approach to voicing the song and singing the song, proved enthralling as it became the first song that I had heard by Phantogram. The other song that was featured as one of the singles from “Voices”, along with many other alternative radio hits the band had, was “Black Out Days.” The beguiling, contagious sound is exhibited especially in the chorus. The chorus says “Stay… away ay eh, away ay eh, away ay eh” and tends to repeat.

Another album by Phantogram is on its way. Joining the many other indie or rock albums that are surfacing in 2016 in order to extend the careers of so many bands, “Three” features the song “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”, a spellbinding psych-pop or psych-rock, electronica tune that features Barthel’s voice in an aggressive manner as she continuously asserts that “you don’t get me high anymore.”

The band has also announced new tour dates that range from the dates of September 29 to November 5 of 2016. Venues include The Palladium in Los Angeles, CA, on October 4 and the first show, on September 29, in Las Vegas, NV, at the Brooklyn Bowl. The tour dates can be found on Musictimes.com.

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