Elle King and Her Album: “Love Stuff”

When I first heard Elle King’s song, which is now her hit song, “Ex’s & Oh’s.” I instantly fell in love with her sound. Her passionate and strong vocals and her blues-rock style are absolutely riveting. She is definitely a new sound and new artist to watch! Her song, “Ex’s & Oh’s,” which I first heard on the alternative FM stations, urged me to download it itself. It was gold to me. I do not know why, but I found it to be so entertaining.


The song has already left a mark. In 2015, it was the lead single off of her debut album, “Love Stuff.” The song reached as high as number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and it additionally received two Grammy nominations for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance.


Lest we not forget, she is even the daughter of well-known comedic actor, Rob Schneider. Elle King, attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.


Her song “Ex’s & Oh’s” has definitely left its mark in the music world and in the year of 2015, going into 2016, but she has other music people should know about. Her song “Under the Influence” is a more serious song, and is accordingly and appropriately slower and has more substance in its lyrics, as I see it. She talks about many of her own issues in her music, and I believe “Ex’s & Oh’s” was her one really fun song, but that does not mean you should ever avoid her other songs and not give it a try. It is undeniably a thumbs-up and kudos from me to Elle King, and I cannot wait to venture into her other music!

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