Elliphant's Music Video for "Spoon Me" with Skrillex offensive to Pakistanis?

Elliphant’s Music Video for “Spoon Me” with Skrillex offensive to Pakistanis?

So lately I have been thinking over a question. This question to me is one of considerable proportion and impact. I was recently watching television when electronic music acts Elliphant and Skirllex collaboration song, “Spoon Me” was on the screen.

The video at first puzzled me, because it reminded me of “Lean On” by Major Lazer, DJ Snake, and M0 and how that video was accused of cultural appropriation of Indian culture.

The video first seemed to feature “hijras”, or South Asian transgender men. The video then featured these men and an elephant with the song’s lead artist, Elliphant as the hijras danced around her. She was carrying the Pakistani flag. With Pakistani Independence Day having just passed on August 14 and me being a very patriotic American-Pakistani who is in touch with my American side and my Pakistan side, I began to feel this is amusing to an extent and should be considered.

The question reappeared to me, should I be offended? The song is a very explicit song, with suggestive and outward references to physical and playful acts of sexuality. The fact that the song can be described in this way in its lyrics content and that it is paired with a video that features a flag of a conservative Muslim country may be problematic. Of course, I will say, as an avid LGBT supporter, it is admirable that the song features transgender men from Pakistan and perhaps makes a statement this way. My verdict is that I am nowhere near offended, but I am sure elder Pakistanis would be.

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