Escaped Emu on loose in New Hampshire

An emu is on the loose. This time the catastrophe is happening to occur in New Hampshire. The emu has been spotted more than a few times in the town of Bow. The people cannot help but be inquisitive about its intentions and motivations. Related to other sizable, flightless birds like the ostrich and the cassowary of Australia, this bird is the second largest in the entire world, and yes it could be bad news. Not the fastest on its feet, but standing at six feet and weighing up to 150 pounds usually, it can still injure  or even kill a person when enraged.  For example, if you approach its eggs, it will feel threatened and feel the need to protect and will attack with its feet and nails. This lone bird has been spotted in the woods as well.


Usually a docile and kind animal, the emu is not readily going to attack. This bird may have escaped an emu farm in New Hampshire or simply evaded its owner. Since this animal is not typically a dangerous one, the concern is more on the safety of the emu. This nearly harmless creature is on the loose, and while it is not a snake this time, the safety of the emu is seemingly the most alarming and urgent part.


The police department in Bow urges anything to be reported to them. The emu, as is reported by Heather Tooley at the Inquistr, is said to wander into the roads then back into the woods. This was observed by Sgt. Art Merrigan, who is concerned that the emu can get hit by a car.

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